Frequently asked questions

What is CIPHR?

CIPHR is an enterprise grade secure productivity platform that includes secure email, messaging, collaboration, and data management. The software was built in response to the increasing pace of cyber attacks and data breaches where victims faced financial loss and reputational damage. CIPHR was built to stand up to the most stringent security requirements without compromising productivity or a great user experience.

Our mission is to give data ownership back to creators and provide those users with the tools to safeguard digital assets.

Who was CIPHR designed for?

Digital privacy issues affect everyone who connects to the internet to share information. By pairing security with usability, CIPHR is garnering interest from a wide audience.

What makes CIPHR unique?

The CIPHR team is committed to expanding whats possible at the technological intersection of digital privacy and productivity. Some highlights about the technology that makes CIPHR unique:

  • User controlled keys

    You create your own keys which means CIPHR can never access the contents of your communications.

  • Quantum-safe encryption – PQ-ECC

    CIPHR’s proprietary implementation of trusted cryptography ensures that your private data remains private against the attacks of today as well as the cryptanalytic attacks enabled by quantum-computers in the future.

  • Device Integrations

    CIPHR integrates with leading mobile device management systems to deliver secure endpoint security to devices.

  • Productivity

    Using advanced security tools shouldn’t come at the expense of usability. CIPHR was designed with professionals and power users in mind!

What type of encryption is Ciphr using?

Post Quantum-ECC

Advanced protocols and cryptographic schemes ensure that the information security properties of the service will hold true even against the cryptanalytic attacks enabled by quantum computers.


The award-winning Argon2 hash provides resistance to offline, brute-force attacks against any user data-at-rest on endpoint devices and CIPHR servers.

Advanced Axolotl

Improvements upon the well established Axolotl protocol, provide first class information security properties even in a post-quantum scenario.

Is CIPHR compatible with my device?

CIPHR is designed for mobile devices, desktop computers and wearable devices on all major operating systems. Depending on the deployment method that you choose, you may be required to use specific devices to comply with security specifications.

Is CIPHR available in my language?

CIPHR is currently available in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • French
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Chinese (Simplified)

How can I order CIPHR?

You can easily order a subscription or a fully working device online by following this link.

Have a question that is not listed here? Feel free to contact us here.