Digital Privacy

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About the Ciphr suite

Ciphr is a communication application suite that is using the highest level of encryption available.

Multi Level Encryption

3 levels of encryption: PGP, ECC and PQ-ECC (Post-Quantum), plus a VPN connection as an additional security layer

Brute Force Protection

Protect your data at rest with stronger password authentication security.

User Controlled Keys

Private keys are generated on device by the user and never leave the device.

Encrypted Media

Images, voice notes and sounds clips shared and stored securely.

Ephemeral Messages

Users control who has access to sent messages and for how long.

Secure Backup

Reliable on-demand encrypted application data backups.

Send secure and encrypted voice messages

Reliable voice communication protected by the same encryption protocols as Ciphr text messages.

Zero Knowledge Group Chats feature that eliminate unauthorized information leaks

Regain control over who your users talk to and how that information is handled.

Secure collaboration has never been so simple.

Historically, encryption and information security software has been so difficult to use that it was inaccessible to anyone without formal training.

Ciphr intends to change that with a product that is so simple that everyone can benefit.